Why legacies are brilliant

Why legacies are brilliant for charities and how to get them is a practical and entertaining look into the facts and strategies of legacy fundraising. Through his down-to-earth and results-focused view, Richard Radcliffe guides the reader around the pitfalls of poor fundraising, using his 30 years of experience to help form a waterproof strategy that is sure to get prospects eager to leave a gift in their will. Throughout the book, the main downfalls of legacy fundraising are addressed; including the issues of poor communications, improper segmentation of prospects, and a lack of investment in the legacy campaign. Readers are advised on the best course of action to make their strategies as strong and as effective as possible; through regular communications with the target audience, what the demographic likes and prefers in the modern age (with printed communications still high on the list – if done correctly), what research is important to undertake, and how to start a legacy fundraiser with little or no budget. Legacy fundraising is a complex art, riddled with uncertainty. It is also rife with the misconception that Wills are a “taboo” subject that should be avoided when communicating with prospects. Through this book, Radcliffe looks to re-frame the outlook on legacy giving – not only showing it as a wonderful opportunity for charities, but also as a source of fulfilment, satisfaction, and happiness for all prospects. Order direct at http://www.wlrstore.com/smeeandford/Legacies-are-brilliant.aspx. £ 25,- and postage.

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